Jewellery trend: chunky gold and layering

Lately I’ve been coveting chunky gold jewellery and the wearing of several pieces at once.

I have a lot of bracelets and often wear at least a couple on each wrist. It’s easier than choosing one! I’ve a feeling I’ll be starting to do the same with necklaces.

Now I’m a bit smug about this find. I picked up this triple-chain necklace in my local charity shop for just £2.50! I think it’s perfect because it’s quite chunky and will be easy to layer with other pieces.

Necklaces from {top to bottom}: Asos; Topshop; charity shop; Primark


 {Clockwise from top left: source unknown; Atlantic Pacific; Karla’s ClosetAtlantic Pacific}

{Dorothy Perkins; Glitter Guide}

{Miss Selfridge}

What to buy…

{H&M; Tory Burch; Topshop; Michael Kors}

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