DIY tutorial: neon weave bracelet

A couple of 2012 jewellery trends I can’t help but covet: chunky chains and flashes of neon. This super easy DIY involves both!

You need:

Chunky bracelet {mine was a 12mm curb chain bought from eBay}

Pink synthetic twine or mason line {mine was from B&Q but it doesn’t seem to be available online}


Strong glue


1. You need to cut two pieces of twine ~ one slightly longer than the bracelet and the second much longer to give you enough length for weaving. To make the thread as thick as I wanted I folded the twine over three times. So I first cut a piece around 70cm long {the bracelet was 20cm in length} and then a piece about 2.2m long.

2. Tie the ends of both pieces onto the first link of the chain. I made mine more secure by coating in a little strong, clear glue, and burned the ends to stop fraying. Be very careful doing this ~ you don’t want to blacken the ends. Or start a fire.

Unravel the twine {so effectively each piece has six threads}, then knot the end of each length. This will make the weaving much easier.

3. Now you start weaving. The shorter piece lies flat against the edge of the chain and you do sort of a blanket stitch looping into each link.

5. When you get to the last link, tie both ends onto it, then glue and burn the ends as you did at the beginning.

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