Five ways to pull off mismatched bridesmaids

In last week’s wedding post I talked about the trend for mismatched bridesmaids. It’s not a new trend ~ it’s one you see on blogs every day. But I think the reason it’s sticking around for so long is because brides keep reinventing it, pushing the boundaries.

Last week I blogged about Debbie Carlisle‘s versatile bridal jewellery and accessories, which can help your girls express their individuality while remaining firmly on your team. You see, the same accessory can be worn in a number of ways, such as headbands, forehead bands, combs, dress clips, shoe clips, brooches or wrist corsages.

Mismatching can make it easier to keep on budget and you can be sure your bridesmaids will be comfortable on the day ~ in something that suits their taste and body type, and that they will be proud to wear afterwards.

Here are my 5 key pointers to help make mismatched bridesmaids a success.

1. Different shades of the same or a similar colour. It’s easiest to pull this off with neutral and softer shades.

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2. Different colours from your wedding palette or contrasting colours that complement each other. If you’re going for completely different colours it’s easiest to stick to dresses of the same or similar style.

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3. Different style dresses, in similar colour and fabric. Let your bridesmaids choose the style they like best, or that best suits their body shape.


4. Match the dress, but mismatch the accessories. You could mismatch jewellery ~ earrings and necklaces ~ shoes or cardigans.

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5. Mix and match short and long dresses, in similar styles and colours.


Sometimes, just sometimes, you can mix the whole lot up and get away with it!


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