DIY tutorial: suede cord and studs bracelet

This bracelet DIY takes one of my current loves ~ mint green {yes, still} ~ but toughens up the soft pastel colour a bit, by adding studs.

You will need:

Four lengths of suede cord, each about 15cms long {the exact length will depend on the circumference of your wrist} ~ my cord was from Josy Rose

Six studs {mine were 8mm square pyramid studs in vintage silver, bought from Josy Rose at £1.99 for about 28}

Four jump rings, and either additional jump rings or a couple of links of curb chain

Needle and cotton

1. Take two strands together, and sew a jump ring onto each end. You will do the same for the other two strands, then join up the jump rings at each end either with another ring or a short piece of curb chain.

2. At equal intervals attach three of your studs to the cord. You should push some of the claws through the cord, and fold the other claws over the sides.

3. When you’ve finished adding your studs, fix a clasp to one end.

Easy as that! Please let me know if you do your own version of this project.

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