How to have a woodland wedding in Britain

Woods conjure up all sorts of romantic notions… from childhood we think of them as magical and mysterious places, full of fantasy yet forbidden. In adulthood it’s a place to be close to nature, a natural enclave, its leaves providing a protective blanket from the outside world. You imagine strolling barefoot among the wildflowers, stopping every so often to pick one and put it in your hair.

Weddings in woodland are all over the US wedding blogs.


I’ve picked a few of my favourites below and some of the best ideas for styling your day this way. But, as a British bride, wood would you? Could you? And where?

There is no doubt that woodland weddings can be serenely beautiful, if done in the right way, and in the UK that just means taking a few sensible precautions. For example, choose Hunter wellies over going barefoot here, unless you want to end up with an injury and/or mud-caked feet. Not so good a look.

Laurra Nalty of One Life Weddings, who plan and conduct outdoor wedding ceremonies, says there has been a huge increase in demand for woodland weddings ~ but heed her warning: you might think this is taking your wedding back to basics but it may not be the best option for brides on a budget.

“There’s something very romantic about the idea of being married beneath a shade of trees in a secluded woodland, and over the last few months we have noticed a huge increase in enquiries for woodland weddings, with many couples wanting to move away from traditional hotels and stately homes into a more relaxed, back-to-nature setting with a festival feel.

“There’s a lot to think about when planning a woodland wedding, the British weather for one! Being in the middle of a remote woodland seems very romantic but without a canopy, tent or marquee you are extremely reliant on the weather behaving itself. Amenities such as electricity, toilets and running water are also a consideration which means that woodland weddings are not always the easiest or cheapest option, but with the right team in place to guide you along the way there is no doubt your woodland wedding will be a truly magical experience.

“Many people have no idea where to find the perfect location or even how to go about arranging a full-blown event in the woods, so we’ve started offering a location search and are also working alongside an experienced wedding planner offering woodland wedding packages.

“The two top places to hold a woodland wedding in Yorkshire have to be JollyDays and The Bivouac, not only can you hold your wedding in the woodland but they also have yurts, tents and wooden shacks for your guests to stay in meaning you can really make a whole weekend of it!”

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