The most and least inspiring women of 2012

2012 has, in general, been a good year for womankind I think. But, as always, there were some who let the side down.

Here’s a quick recap on the women who have inspired me this year (and one or two I’ve been particularly unimpressed with).

Michelle Obama

michelle obama - inspiring women of 2012


More than just a first lady, Michelle is credited with gaining her husband a significant proportion of the votes that won him a second term in the White House. She’s strong, smart and stylish. Plus, this is one of the sweetest pictures ever.

Doreen Lawrence

Doreen never stopped fighting for justice after her son Stephen was stabbed in a racist attack in 1993. Two of the original suspects were retried, found guilty and sentenced to life in January. Cold comfort for her, but what a woman.

Carrie Mathison

OK, not technically a real person, but I’ve been gripped to terrorist drama Homeland and Claire Danes’ portrayal of CIA agent Carrie is a big reason why. She had questionable morals at times, but she was gutsy – and proven right.

Our Olympians and Paralympians


This summer, female role models of a different shape and size were brought before our eyes and put high on a pedestal, right where they belonged. There are the obvious – Jess Ennis, Katherine Grainger, Victoria Pendleton – and the less well-known, like Martine Wright, a victim of the London 7/7 bombings who became a Paralympic volleyball player. They were shining examples of hard work, commitment and determination, a welcome and refreshing change to the women the media all-too often thrust before us – women famous for having a boob job or for their five minutes of reality TV.

Hillary Clinton

After the 64-year-old was criticised for wearing scrunchies and dared to go on TV without make-up she, rightly, pointed out to the media that her hair and make-up is “not something that deserves a lot of time and attention.” It is depressing that she had to say it. Hillary is being tipped to run for the Presidency in 2016.

Aung San Suu Kyi

The leader of Burma’s opposition party won a seat in Parliament after a struggle spanning nearly two decades, including 15 years under house arrest.



I’m afraid I just don’t get what it is that has got people so obsessed with this girl. Granted, she has a decent voice and released a couple of good (or at least catchy) songs. But she also comes across as obnoxious, narcissistic, fairly unpleasant and seems to be trivialising the serious beating she was given by Chris Brown. I am bewildered every time I see her in a stylish/well-dressed list (proof below). Girls, please do not use this woman as a role model!



Asma al-Assad

The first lady of Syria was shopping for jewellery and home furnishings as bombs fell, killing hundreds of her people. Not cool.

This is just a personal list and I’m writing it at midnight… but do you agree with me? Is there someone I’ve missed?

UPDATE: @mrsloupops reminded me that my ‘bad’ list should include the world’s most pointless ‘celebrities’ the Kardashians. I couldn’t agree more.


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  1. I agree with Rhianna I’m not a massive fan either. Never really digged her music or her style. But everyone else seems to absolutely love her, including my girlfriend lol!

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