Bathroom styling: green and wood on white

We’ve decided that the first room we’ll tackle when we move into the new house will be the bathroom.

We’ll be replacing the dated 70s turquoise suite with ubiquitous modern white, and for the rest of the colour scheme I’m thinking of natural green, grey and wood tones.

traditional bath green sides with white walls

grey green bathroom walls with brass accents from habitually chic

green and wood bathroom

traditional bathroom green walls wood cabinets

traditional bath painted green sides with white walls

wood and grey bathroom Fired Earth

modern minimal grey bathroom

Next Mineral bathroom range

grey green walls and West Elm grey white striped shower curtain

grey and wood modern bathroom

grey and wood beam bathroom

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We will probably go with slates tiles on the floor, white on the walls, wood accents, including a large oak mirror that usually lives above the fireplace, and lush green plants as big as the tiny room will allow.

Fired Earth green paints

What do you think to this colour scheme? What is your bathroom like and would you change anything about it?


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