Yellow geometric print cushions

Sometimes styles come a little bit out of the blue – but then they completely bowl you over and suck you in.

I would put geometrics in that category. Who’d have thought these angular shapes and patterns would have crept so fully into our lives, and fitted in there so well?

We see them everywhere now. They’re predicted to be big in weddings in 2013, have been all over the catwalk for a couple of seasons already and it’s becoming rare to see a home featured in an interiors magazine or blog where the owners haven’t embraced the trend.

The other day I bought my first geometric pieces for the house.

yellow geometric cushions

yellow geometric cushions

yellow geometric cushions

yellow geometric cushions

These cushions are from H&M and are currently being sold for the absolute bargain price of £1.99 each (normal price £6.99). I went for a cheery yellow but they also come in green, dark grey and beige.

While I was thinking about this blog post a couple of pictures dropped into my inbox, by photographer Paul Raeside and featured on Eclectic Living Home. Look at the sofa and ottoman! They’re the same colour and a similar print to my cushions so it was like someone was telling me to share them too.

interior design yellow geometric print ottoman

interior design yellow geometric print sofa

I also love this easy but dramatic DIY geometric pattern backdrop I spotted recently. I think I’ll have to have a go at this once I’ve thought of a good place it could hang.

DIY geometric backdrop

Have you fallen for geometrics like I have?

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