DIY word print wall art

I was proud as punch a couple of weeks ago when one of my favourite blogs, Florence Finds, featured one of my DIY projects.

It was this destination print-style wall art that I made for my travel-loving brother and sister-in-law, when they finally moved into a house they owned and which they could settle in.

DIY destination print wall art

For the full step-by-step head on over to Florence Finds.

One of the reasons I love Florence Finds is the great sense of community there is and it was so nice that my DIY got lots of lovely comments.

It was even nicer to see the very next day via Twitter that reader Erin had had a go at making her own using Quark publishing software. I thought she did an amazing job!

Shortly after I made the destination print a good friend asked me to make a colour version telling their family’s story. I was only too happy to and she was really pleased with how it came out too. My photo doesn’t do it much justice but I hope it will give you the idea.

DIY family words print wall art

I also recently made this one for my friend who had a baby.

new baby word art print

If you’re any good with layouts or publishing software this is a really versatile DIY. You can use this technique to create a keepsake to suit any occasion or colour scheme.

Love, Anna

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7 thoughts on “DIY word print wall art”

  1. You have done great work for your travel-loving brother and sister-in-law, these wall art have incredible look, surely the liked it very much, and the canvas you made for a baby friend is awesome, love this great stuff. Many thanks for sharing..

  2. Hi, I’ve just come across your posting on Florence Finds. Thank you so much for sharing such a user friendly guide – I’m definitely planning to give it a go. I have a few questions about the printing though – what printer do you have? (if you don’t mind me asking!) and what grade of paper did you use? Many thanks

    1. Hi Sarah – so pleased you plan to give this a go! Fortunately I do have access to an A3 printer I was able to use and I only used bog standard A3 paper (80 gsm). Hope that helps you and good luck with the project!

      1. Hi Anna. Many thanks for the advice on the type of paper used. I was actually wondering what make of printer you had – mine has just packed up and I’m looking for a replacement, so I might just splash out on one which takes A3 paper so I can print this sort of thing for myself and friends (if its not too costly!)

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