Afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace

The real reason for our London trip last week was we had tickets (through my day job) for a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

The day ended up being one of the best of my life. One of those days when you realise what a lucky bugger you are.

buckingham palace garden party

You’re not really supposed to take photos or have your phone switched on but, frankly, given where you are it’s a rule you have to break (even if it is a rule set by Her Maj herself).

We felt extremely special entering through the Palace’s grand entrance as hoards of tourists looked on, and walking through the courtyard and a section of the Palace and out onto the terrace then the lush and perfectly manicured gardens. The afternoon tea was, as you might expect, outstanding (although I still don’t really ‘get’ cucumber sandwiches).

The national anthem marked the Queen’s arrival and she made her way slowly through the crowds before taking tea in the Royal tent with the VIPs.

It was a huge privilege to be there, amongst people who do great things for charity, members of the armed forces from across the Commonwealth and a healthy chunk of Team GB.

buckingham palace garden party

buckingham palace garden party

buckingham palace garden party

buckingham palace garden party

My beautiful dress was By Malene Birger, hired from Wish Want Wear (what perfect timing that was when they invited me to review one of their frocks!).

There are a good number dresses available for hire, a range of styles and accessories too if you want. Their service is perfect for a special occasion like this one, or perhaps a wedding. It’d be a budget-friendly way to kit out your bridesmaids too. They’re offering 15% off for my readers so now is a good time to try! (Email me if you’d like a discount code).

I was a bit worried the dress wouldn’t fit and I would have to resort to a last minute plan B but I needn’t have: it fit perfectly. If you’re not sure about your size or what will suit you you can chat to one of Wish Want Wear‘s advisors before you make your choice.

Before we went to the Palace we toured the Houses of Parliament. For a politico (me) and social history lover (husband) being inside this place where so much history has happened was incredible. To lay your hands on the despatch box, put your feet where centuries of Prime Ministers have stood; to be within touching distance of the Speaker’s chair and the woolsack in the Lords where the Queen sits to make her speech; to see corridors full of records of Parliamentary debate going back hundreds of years, covering wars, women’s rights, the abolition of the slave trade and so many more monumentous events.

We rounded off the day by watching We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre which was brilliant. Two lots of Queen in one day! The next day we walked to beautiful Greenwich for lunch.

we will rock you dominion theatre


What with the Company blog awards on the first night, it was quite a couple of days we had wasn’t it?

Love, Anna

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  1. Sounds like a brilliant couple of days Anna and I think you chose perfect outfits for both days x

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