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Recently Rebecca got in touch to tell me she’d set up Yorkshire Bloggers (despite having a baby just a few weeks ago!). She recently started her own blog too and set up Yorkshire Bloggers to help others find local blogs, as she had wanted to.

The aim is to have a blog that highlights and features Yorkshire blogs and Yorkshire gems – recipes, places to go, eating out, that kind of thing.

Yorkshire Bloggers

The site has a list of Yorkshire blogs (including this one now!), a forum where bloggers can have a virtual natter and Rebecca is hoping to receive contributions and organise meet ups in the future. There’s also a Pinterest board and Facebook page.

I was so pleased to hear from her because I love discovering local blogs and meeting other bloggers.

Go along and sign up!

Love, Anna

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3 thoughts on “Join Yorkshire Bloggers”

  1. I’ve just joined Yorkshire Bloggers too, with little old nail art blog :) I love your stuff, your photos are of such beautiful quality!

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