DIY gem cluster earrings

For a good while now, I’ve been lusting after pairs of hanging earrings with colourful, clustered gemstones, the likes of those sold by J.Crew and Mawi.

Unfortunately, I can’t just spend a couple of hundred pounds on something to dangle from my lobes a few times a year. So just before Christmas, I made my own.

I’d bought this cobalt tartan skirt (now in the sale, by the way) for a couple of Christmas parties and wanted some bright blue jewellery to wear with it.

DIY coloured gem cluster earrings |

I used a similar technique to the one when I made this DIY gem necklace: you simply glue your stones to a piece of clear PVC, then cut round the shape and attach to a pair of studs (mine were part of a pack bought in Primark a while ago).

You will need:

♥ flat-back gems or rhinestones (see below for my suppliers)

♥ transparent PVC (I bought mine at Leeds market during my haberdashery shops haul)

♥ E6000 or other strong glue

♥ hole punch

♥ plain stud earrings in a co-ordinating colour

♥ craft knife

1. Start by planning out your design. When you’re happy, maybe take a photo so you remember it!

DIY coloured gem cluster earrings |

2. Glue your gems to the PVC.

DIY coloured gem cluster earrings |

DIY coloured gem cluster earrings |

DIY coloured gem cluster earrings |

DIY coloured gem cluster earrings |

3. When your glue is dry, cut round your shape as closely as possible with a craft knife. Leave an area of PVC at the top of your earring.

DIY coloured gem cluster earrings |

4. Punch a small hole in the piece of clear PVC at the top, and thread through your stud earrings.

DIY coloured gem cluster earrings |

DIY coloured gem cluster earrings |

DIY coloured gem cluster earrings |

DIY coloured gem cluster earrings |

It took a fair bit of searching on the internet to find the kind of gems I wanted. It’s complicated by the fact that different sellers give them different names: gems, jewels, cabochons, rhinestones…

In the end I found what I was looking for on eBay and Etsy, from these sellers:

♥ mummys2boys. Not used in this project but a good range of stones, and good value.

♥ Pretty vintage rhinestones. This is where I bought the white oval and navy and turquoise stones. This seller has some beautiful gems and bits and bobs for making jewellery, and it’s all vintage. Not all have flat backs, making them more difficult (but not impossible) to use in projects like this, but the choice of colours and shapes is the best I’ve seen anywhere.

Sapphire jade supplies. I bought the black teardrop and grey rectangle gems from here but the shop looks a little empty just now.

How do you like this project? Perfect for parties – if you have any energy left after the festive season!

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  1. These are so cute. I love them. What a great idea to put them on plastic rather than having them strung together. I am off to raid my old jewellery to see what I have I can take apart! x

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