Willow and Hall sofa beds

We finished our spare bedroom at the beginning of the year and, as I’ve said before, I’m struggling a bit with its purpose. Not that it needs one, particularly, but if you know what you want it sure makes kitting it out a lot easier.

It’s in good use at the moment as our makeshift living room because we’ve recently started renovating all of the downstairs. We’ve quickly become quite attached to it, actually: it’s at the back of the house so it’s private and peaceful with lots of sun and a rural view. Spending time here has made us not want to let it become a room we shut the door on and ignore, only to be used when guests come from time to time.

We need room for a couple of people to stay, but perhaps the room could have a dual purpose – an office area… or crafting desk perhaps?! Of course, demanding more of a room means better planning and more efficient use of space.

We recently threw out the spare bed which was well past its best, and instead of a straightforward replacement we’re thinking of a sofa bed. They have obvious space-saving advantages, meaning room could be made for a desk and a cupboard or two for files and my crafting supplies.

I’m not thinking of anything flash, just a simple, practical and comfortable design and not so big that it swamps the room. That’s why I like the look of the range from Willow and Hall, a new-ish company which prides itself on furniture handmade in Britain.

Willow and Hall sofas and sofa beds Willow and Hall sofas and sofa beds Willow and Hall sofas and sofa beds Willow and Hall sofas and sofa beds Willow and Hall sofas and sofa beds Willow and Hall sofas and sofa beds

Willow and Hall was started by Sarah Massouh, who went from working in the city to setting up her own interior business. She designs all the sofas and sofa beds, before they’re built using a small family business and delivered for free about three or four weeks from order. Despite the focus on quality, their prices are pretty competitive compared to some high street retailers.

*this is a sponsored post but, as always, content and opinions are my own and honest

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  1. We had the same struggle with our spare room – it’s not very big and was originally functioning as guest room/storage/office which just wasn’t working! We did eventually plump for a proper bed but we agonised over sofa beds and day beds (which I preferred the look of) but couldn’t find one that fit the space that we liked! Loaf had some really nice ones but a bit pricey :)

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