Kitchen reveal!

Renovating our kitchen has definitely been a labour of love. It’s been seven months of labour, but we’re completely in love with the outcome.

As is invariably the case with DIY and renovation projects, it’s all taken longer than anticipated. Our original estimated finish time was about two months ago, and although I’m calling this a ‘reveal’ there are still some tiny finishing off jobs to do in the kitchen. The dining area bit (behind the camera) is still a chaotic dumping ground and we’ve only just started on the living room this weekend.

But I didn’t want to wait any longer to show you this bit.

Kitchen renovation reveal. Ikea Veddinge grey kitchen with wood worktop and white subway tiles

Let’s remind ourselves of where we’ve come from.

In November last year, I showed you how my kitchen looked then. Yeah, a nice shade of 1970s brown, falling apart and pretty tiny to boot.

1970s kitchen renovation 1970s kitchen renovation

By April, we’d started pulling the downstairs apart and had moved our living space upstairs, crafting a makeshift living room and camp kitchen out of our two spare bedrooms.

Here you can see the old layout of the house: a through lounge and dining room, and separate kitchen complete with serving hatch. Yep, that’s an original. Seriously, this house had barely been touched since it was built in 1974.


A month later, at the end of May, the supporting wall between the kitchen and dining area had been pulled down and a steel beam put up in its place. We’d bricked up the old kitchen entrance doorway and brought the wall out further to separate off the living room.

Kitchen renovation update: supporting wall removed

By the end of July, we’d put French doors in the back where there was once a window. Still pretty messy though, right?


By September, the old external wall at the side had also been bricked up, and the plasterer had been and done his thing.


So you see why it’s been quite a long journey. And why it is pretty immense to us that it now looks like this.

Kitchen renovation reveal. Ikea Veddinge grey kitchen with wood worktop and white subway tiles Kitchen renovation reveal. Ikea Veddinge grey kitchen with wood worktop and white subway tiles Kitchen renovation reveal. Ikea Veddinge grey kitchen with wood worktop and white subway tiles Kitchen renovation reveal. Ikea Veddinge grey kitchen with wood worktop and white subway tiles Kitchen renovation reveal. Ikea Veddinge grey kitchen with wood worktop and white subway tiles Kitchen renovation reveal. Ikea Veddinge grey kitchen with wood worktop and white subway tiles Kitchen renovation reveal. Ikea Veddinge grey kitchen with wood worktop and white subway tiles Kitchen renovation reveal. Ikea Veddinge grey kitchen with wood worktop and white subway tiles Kitchen renovation reveal. Ikea Veddinge grey kitchen with wood worktop and white subway tiles

Need to know: kitchen units (base unit doors and drawer fronts are Veddinge range in grey, glass wall cupboard doors are Jutis), worktop, sink and pendant lights all Ikea; handles, Handles4Doors; cooker hood from eBay; white subway tiles, Wickes; walls painted in B&Q Colours paint in chantilly. More coming up on our nick nacks later in the week.

What do you think? Big change?!

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52 thoughts on “Kitchen reveal!”

    1. I hate it- I hate white kitchns – looks like other white kichens I hate !!!! bah !!!!

      1. so you came here just to complain about her kitchen? Get a life. literally no one cares what you think.

  1. We’ve just taken our kitchen back to bricks in prep for the builders so the end result was what I needed to see this morning! It’s lovely!

  2. Oh my goodness. This looks amazing. You must be so so happy and proud of yourselves. Is it a joy to be in there now? I bet it is.
    I’m really jealous and will be sending it to Jim for a little push to get our kitchen done now ;) x

    1. Hi Heather. Thank you. Funnily enough open shelving is exactly what we have got planned when we have finished doing the ‘essentials’. Great minds! :)

      1. Anna, I just was sent to this blog for the first time through my husband’s forward of your DIY article. Can you give an estimate of how much this project cost? I ask only because we would love to do something similar but aren’t sure at all what to budget. Thanks!

  3. Looks beautiful! What specific butcher block did you go with at Ikea? I’m starting my reno next week and have also committed to Ikea butcher block. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!

      1. Love your kitchen! I’m about to take the IKEA plunge. Are your karlby countertops beech or birch?

      1. Hi there,
        Looks fabulous and is the same look I’m planning. I was wondering about your floor – it seems impossible to match tone/grain/pattern of laminate wood flooring to worktop finishes. Did you have the same problem ?

        1. Hi Victoria – I agree I’m not much of a fan of laminate – the floor is solid wood though so it matches the worktop well.

      2. Hi! We are planning on installing Karlby ikea oak countertop. Are you happy with it? would you do it again and any helpful tips?? Thanks!

  4. Hi Anna, I’m about to order my kitchen at Ikea’s. I’m interessted in getting an oak worktop just like yours actually ! Could you, please, tell me how does your worktop “is going” with hot stuff, water ? Do you do any specific things to keep it waterproof ? Thanks a lot because I’m really hesitating even though it looks really nice in your kitchen !
    xxx Aline

    1. Hi Aline. I understand your hesitation as I had the same concerns! This worktop is not solid wood, it’s laminate with a thin oak surround. You do have to be more careful with it than you would some other surfaces, but it looks beautiful so it’s worth it! You have to oil it a few times in the beginning, and we’re careful not to put very hot things straight on it and we wipe water and spills up quickly so they don’t stain or warp the wood etc etc. But it’s been in use about 5 months now and it still looks very good! We think it’s worth the little extra care.

      1. Hi Anna, thanks for replying and sharing your experience. It was REALLY helpfull . Thanks to it, I’ve made my choice ;) xxxx

      2. Hi Anna ! I’ve experienced the “wooden” worktop since ! Indeed it’s very beautiful in the kitchen ….but a lot of work ! Maybe I have’nt oiled it enough at the begining and then it was not really waterproof I had to be VERY VERY carefull with any spared drop of water otherwise it ruined the laminate side !
        So I oiled it twice more and now it’s seems to be ok ! I think that the best protection is varnish eventhough it won’t be beautiful as the oily worktop!
        Take care

  5. Your kitchen looks really great! We are deciding on the new kitchen for the summerhouse right now and your post is very helpful :) Decided to go with IKEA Karlby worktop as well. Thank you for sharing the photos and your experience.

  6. I just remodeled an even smaller and narrow kitchen. In the US, we generally go with a 30″ stove (cooker) or for more money, built-ins. This requires a wider hood, conveniently the width of an over the stove microwave oven/exhaust fan/light unit. That frees up a lot of scarce countertop and they aren’t really that expensive!

    You mentioned in a reply that you have to be careful with the laminate countertop. It’s a major cost, but as usual here I went with granite. Huge choice of color and style and cost from looking like light marble to black with glittery bits. And you can take a frying pan off the stove or something out of the oven and not worry about where to put it. Laminate gets toasted at 275 degrees F (135 Celsius) Quartz is similar, but without being a slice of nature really and costing about the same.

    The advice about going slow, measuring twice at least, figuring everything out, is good. The new stuff doesn’t always have to go where the stuff was. We realized we had to get the right refrigerator or the door wouldn’t open all the way because the kitchen was so narrow. A lot of checking stats and weighing options for just that one thing that could have been easily gotten wrong.

  7. stunning difference and utterly elegant afterwards, not dateable either, this one will last a long time without getting to feel old fashioned… clever things!!!

  8. Hi – nice kitchen! Just wondering how your Karlby worktop is holding up as we’re thinking to get this as cheaper than solid wood. Are you still happy with it or would you recommend going with solid wood? Thanks!

    1. Hi – it’s a year old now and it’s holding up great we think! There are a couple of marks but it’s a well-used surface (and we’re slightly careless at times!). Nothing that won’t be sorted by sanding and re-oiling. Solid wood would be the same in that respect anyway.

  9. Really gorgeous kitchen – we’re thinking of going for a similar look in terms of subway tiles in a straight line like this i.e. no higher over the cooker and not up to the upper units, think it looks fab the way you’ve done it. Can I ask what size your tiles are and whether you’re finding it high enough as a cooker splash back? Thanks!

    1. Hi Vicky. Thank you :) Our tiles are about 20cm x 10cm, and we’re finding the splashback high enough. We get the occasional splash going above tiles but as long as you use a decent paint it just wipes off. Good luck with your project!

  10. I’m glad I’ve seen this post. You’ve done a great job and given us some great ideas. I like the vedinge grey base units and the paint colour that you chose, it goes really well with the worktops. We’re looking to start our own project soon, so thanks for sharing your project.

  11. Gorgeous kitchen! We are wading through a kitchen reno now and those demo scenes are very familiar. You’ve made lovely choices and it looks very comfortable and liveable. I am curious if you’ve been happy with the lighting? I’m considering ordering these lights from Ikea. Just curious if you like them.

    1. Hi Sarah
      Glad you like our kitchen – thank you for your kind comments! We love the lights although day-to-day we use the spotlights more. The pendants don’t give out a bright light but that’s not the reason they’re there ;) We think they look fab and they’ve received lots of admiring comments. Good luck with your reno!

  12. Hi Anna, loving the new kitchen and giggling as our old kitchen had exactly the same cabinets. How are you finding Veddinge doors after a couple of years? We are about to order them in white and I’m researching, hence I landed on your wonderful post! Thank you!

    1. Hi Oznur
      I have to be honest, there are a couple of chips in the door fronts where they have taken a knock with something sharp, but in all honesty we haven’t been as careful as we should have as for us this is a fairly short term house. I still think Ikea kitchens are excellent value for money. Hope that helps you and good luck with the new kitchen!

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