House tour: our back ‘garden’

My husband has been an absolute trouper these last couple of weeks. We’ve been off work, and once again have deprived ourselves of a holiday in favour of working on renovating our house.

At the moment, the back garden is the focus of our efforts, and he’s spent day after day just digging. And digging.

This, friends, is what we’re up against.

back garden before

back garden before

When we first looked round the house, we knew the size of its back garden was going to be a deal maker, or breaker. We were pleasantly surprised by the size of it for the asking price.

The state of it, however, was another matter. Nothing was growing there but weeds – and nothing has in the time we’ve been here.

It doesn’t look that big from these angles because – and this is one of the biggest problems we’re having to overcome – the plot slopes significantly from left to right and front to back.

Currently, there’s about a five foot drop from the French doors we’ve put from the dining kitchen to where the garden begins. So we’re building decking outside these doors, then there will be a drop down to what we hope will be a fairly flat lawn covering most of the rest of the garden. (I like a good expanse of grass).

These photos show the supporting wall he’s built that will support the base of the decking. This is the point the decking will go up to.

You can also see he’s begun digging up the conifer trees that were around the border. I don’t really like digging up trees but they were in pretty bad condition with all sorts of rubbish and weeds strewn behind and within them. We’re opting for an easier to maintain and more secure fence instead.

back garden before

back garden before

back garden design

As well as the decking, we’re planning a flagged patio area in the top left corner. We’re hoping to build a fire-pit-cum-barbecue with built-in seating and planting around the edge, a bit like this.

Built in planting and wood seating by Garden Club London via Homify

// design and image Garden Club London / Homify //

So you can see, there’s a lot to do and we’re not planning on doing things by halves. We’re hoping to at least get it levelled out and fenced off before the real onset of winter.

And then by the time the sun comes out again next spring, maybe we’ll actually be able to begin to use our outside space – for the first time. We’ll have lived here three years by then!

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3 thoughts on “House tour: our back ‘garden’”

  1. This looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the finished article.
    And the seating area – that picture looks amazing – I want to see what you come up with!

    We have a garden man my dad knows coming round in a couple of weeks to replace our very rickety fence, then there are plans for more grass, a bit of a raised veg garden, a shed to replace the outside toilet building we currently have and a built-in bbq.

    But first – the fence! Knowing the place is fully Flash proof will be a relief.

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