Ideas for decorating the nursery

I’m currently entering the ‘just how much sh*t is this tiny human going to need?’ phase of preparation for parenting.

One thing that’s not in dispute – even though arguably there are more practical things to be doing, researching and buying – is that I want to get started on the nursery soon.

The baby’s room will be the smallest of our three bedrooms. It was actually the first room we finished, about four months after moving in. It never did get a shot at life as a study, or a crafting room, as planned; it’s been a dumping ground with a brief spell as a makeshift kitchen when we were renovating the downstairs.

But it is decorated perfectly well in neutral colours, so once everything got cleared out it could function perfectly well as a nursery, for the first few months at least.

But that wouldn’t quite be good enough for a blogger’s child, would it? No bland, boring décor here, thank you.

Something more like this, I think.

Canopy reading corner in neutral children's room Wood panel grey white fox theme nursery with gallery wall Woodland theme nursery

// image sources / 1. Emma Midthjell  / 2. Apartment Therapy / 3. Tiny Tribe Magazine //

Because I’m hoping to do the nursery before the birth, and we’re not finding out whether we’re having a boy or girl, I’m planning to decorate in a gender-neutral way.

In a nursery, I like safari animals, and woodland scenes. The Cole & Son Woods wallpaper in that last image is my dream for a feature wall – but at £72 a roll my husband is taking some persuading. This birch tree removable wallpaper that I found on Etsy could be a more acceptable option.

We probably haven’t got room for a wardrobe, so I’m hoping a chest of drawers and an open rail or two will provide enough storage for baby’s clothes. The wooden rail in the top photo has given me an idea about how I could fashion a hanging clothes rail from a piece of driftwood I picked up on a beach ages ago.

If it doesn’t work for that purpose I love this DIY feather mobile, found in this gender-neutral woodland nursery.

Neutral woodland nursery with DIY feather mobile

What do you think to my ideas so far?

More to come if/when we manage to make any progress :)

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4 thoughts on “Ideas for decorating the nursery”

  1. Love your nursery inspiration, Anna. It’s something I’d like to get done sooner rather than later and the room we have is SUPER teeny so we will have to be clever with space too. Once I have a working laptop I do want to get back to blogging so I can share my thoughts and ideas too. It’s such an exciting time! Have a great day xxx

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