About gratitude…

It struck me as interesting that in our Valentine’s Day cards this year, my husband and I both said the same thing to each other.

“Thank you.”

I think we’re kind, caring and openly appreciative of each other most of the time. But this was the first time we’d both felt moved to put those words down on paper, at the same time.

And on the day that is supposed to be all about love, and passion.

I wondered if it was something I should be worried about. Was it the right thing to say, on Valentine’s Day? I quickly came to my senses.

I mean, on Valentine’s Day 14 years ago I might have bought him a karma sutra calendar. But we’ve been living in each other’s pockets for more than a decade now. Things change. Habits change. Priorities change. Love has changed (and got stronger).

We have so much to thank each other for, this year more than ever – so there should be no shame in saying it.

Thank you and flowers

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We’ve been a solid source of support and friendship for each other, during the most difficult times. When the best times came, there was no one else I wanted to be sharing my happiness with.

As we prepare for the biggest event of our lives – having a baby – it becomes ever clearer that walking through life with anyone else just wouldn’t be right, for either of us.

If he is half the dad he plans to be, he will be amazing. When I say I worry whether I’ll be a good mum, he says he has no doubts that I’ll be the best.

I’m grateful for all of that, and I know he is too. So sometimes “thank you” is just the right thing to say.

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3 thoughts on “About gratitude…”

  1. it is a lovely sentiment between partners that have been through thick and thin with each other and are still there, regardless, it conveys a deep heart felt caring for one another that is ongoing. My husband and I said this to each other often over our 39 years together and I still have cards that we both wrote this to one another. Take care, hold hands, kiss often.

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