Life lately…

walk with pram in sunshine
  • Of course, life lately has been mostly taken up with meeting the needs of the new little person in our lives. Last week I blogged about Sam being a month old already. As scary as it is how quickly time is passing, it’s fascinating watching him grow and become more alert, responsive and playful.
  • We’re planning our first trips away as a family. At the end of the month we’ve got a few nights in a cottage in Nidderdale, and in the summer we’re planning to go camping in Dorset and Pembrokeshire. We can’t wait to introduce Sam to tent life and hope he likes it! There’s also our trip around Europe that we’re still hoping to be able to pull off.
  • In the meantime, I’ve been getting out in the fresh air as much as possible and enjoying local walks in the sunshine.

walk with pram in sunshine

  • Now my body is nearer its normal shape, I’ll be going on a big clothes shopping spree soon! I love the boho style I’m seeing for spring and summer.
  • You also know that we’ve been busy – when we’ve been able to get our hands free – doing house DIY, including renovating the hallway.
  • Husband’s spent the last few weeks building some decking so little Sam and I can actually get outside if we want to when we’re at home. Before, the lovely wide French doors from our kitchen were unusable – they led to a five-foot drop and a mud pit where garden should be. (Have a look at how our garden looked before we did any work!). Having some usable outside space is lovely; I’m writing this after spending a restorative hour sitting out there in the sun. I keep promising to show you the work that’s been done in the garden, and I will – although it’s still a long way from being finished – but for now here’s a quick phone snap of the decking.


  • Even though we’ve put so much work into the house and love the way it’s coming together, it’s a stepping stone to our dream home and we’ll sell it soon after it’s finished – and probably take on another renovation project! I can’t help collecting images of places I’d like to live. I’d love a room like this in a future house, with the summer sun streaming in through the Velux windows*. My Pinterest boards are where I keep most of my inspiration – take a look!

kitchen extension with roof windows

// image source //

  • We’re planning on decorating the nursery soon. I’ve decided to go with something more colourful and boy-ish than the neutral scheme I was thinking of at the beginning of the year. Watch this space!

How has life been treating you lately? Good, I hope.

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