Do you say ‘I love you’ enough?

When did you last tell someone who matters to you that you love them?

I’m pretty good at telling my husband I love him. As a couple we probably say it most days. (It’s funny, as I was writing this he phoned me from downstairs to pass on some practical info and we ended the 10 second conversation with an ‘I love you’ each).

I think I tell my closest friends how much they mean to me quite regularly too. There’ve been some difficult times and dark days for me recently and these people have stopped me from falling, lifted me up and showed me the way to keep going.

My mum and dad have too, and even at 35 I know they take every step with me and would give me all they could if I needed it. But I do find it more difficult to tell them I love them and I don’t really know why.

While I was never in any doubt how much I was loved by them as a kid, I guess as a family we weren’t particularly into PDAs or saying the words ‘I love you’. I don’t think that’s altogether a bad thing because I do think some people have a tendency to throw around those important three words far too easily.

I presented them with this poem at my wedding, because it summed up so many words I wanted to say. I went a bit to town celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary last summer because I felt so indebted and in awe of the role models they’d been. I made them this scrapbook as a present. But at the party, when my brother and I briefly took to the mic, I couldn’t actually say the words I wanted to. They just got stuck in my throat and I was practically in tears in front of all the people they knew. Slightly embarrassing. (I blame the gin).

I think the less we say ‘I love you’ the harder it becomes, so while I don’t think we should spoil the special feeling generated by hearing those words by saying them too often, I do think we should try to say it each time we feel it.

This is what French retailer La Redoute‘s current #LanguageofLove campaign is about. Their survey last month found just under a quarter of UK people haven’t said ‘I love you’ in over a year. Isn’t that sad?

If you’re wondering how nice it feels to give and receive some words of appreciation from a loved one – or you would simply like to see particularly good-looking Frenchman called Florent speaking his beautiful language – grab a tissue and watch La Redoute’s video.



Did it make you think about whether you tell someone enough that you love or appreciate them?

PS appropriately enough it’s my fourth wedding anniversary today! ♥ You can read about our wedding here, but please forgive the novice blogging style :)

My dream office space

My place of work is functional and pleasant and we’ve recently had a few improvements done that has made the space feel bigger and more open. But it’s not what you would call inspiring.

We’re a small team, and in that the-grass-is-always-greener way of thinking most of us adopt a lot of the time, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be part of a big company, to have hundreds of colleagues instead of a handful, to be a small but significant cog in a much grander wheel.

One of the things that tempts me about working for a larger organisation is the bigger, better-equipped and more modern office space I imagine my employers and I would inhabit.

When I heard London Offices is running a competition for bloggers to craft their ultimate office space I let my imagination run wild, picking out features from offices around the world I love and putting them together to create the dream.

But these are real places and some people are lucky enough to actually work in them! I reckon I’d have a lot less trouble getting out of bed when my alarm went off if one of these places was my 9 to 5 destination.

Glass walled office in woodland of Selgas Cano architects Madrid Read More →

My top 5 home DIY tips

Apart from a couple of days when I had to be absent because of a work crisis, it’s been pretty much non-stop DIY at our place over the last week or so.

The plasterer’s now been in and done his thing, which means the rooms are looking more put together than patchwork, as they were.

This is how the kitchen section looked a few days ago. Now the kitchen’s been ordered and we had a few days away camping while the plaster dried out. kitchen renovation Quite a few other bloggers and people I know are in the process of buying a house and some are taking on a renovation project like us. This is the third house we’ve ‘done up’, and I feel we learn so much with each one. So here are my top 5 tips for DIY-ing and carrying out home improvements. Read More →

Blogger buffet at The Light

As blogger events go, this promised to be good.

We were invited to The Light, Leeds, for a ‘blogger buffet’ with a different course at four of the venue’s restaurants.

Off The Headrow, The Light has been on the scene for a while and, as new shopping centres emerge in the city it seems to have found its voice as a leisure hub, with a wide range of bars and eateries, hotel, cinema and gym. It’s always been a very pleasant space, with light and airy avenues and and a high glass roof.

First stop was at French chain Café Rouge, where we had good wine and a selection of olives and tasty coated almonds. We sat and chatted as people arrived, and I met some new faces and caught up with some more familiar ones.

Blogger buffet at the Light, Leeds. Cafe Rouge, Miller and Carter, Frankie and Bennys and Browns Read More →

Bird and Beast, Leeds

While not much of a fan of fast food, I do like food that is fast and functional.

It helps if it is also hearty and delicious, which makes Leeds’ new-ish restaurant, Bird and Beast, a winner for me.

Bird and Beast serves free range chicken grown at Sykes Farm in the Yorkshire Wolds. This gives the birds a good start flavour-wise and they are then double marinated, traditionally cooked to keep their moisture and finished on the rotisserie over cherry wood chips and charcoal to give the meat a distinctive, smoky flavour.

Bird and Beast rotisserie chicken restaurant, Leeds, Yorkshire Read More →

Cielo Blanco, Leeds

I’ve read a lot of good reviews about Cielo Blanco, so although I’d tired a little of eating and drinking in Trinity Leeds, I suggested to the girls we go back.

It was one of our as-regular-as-we-can-manage Saturday afternoon-into-evening sessions involving cocktails, dinner and more cocktails.

We started by soaking up one of the last sunny afternoons at Livin’ Italy at Granary Wharf, accompanied by pretty pitchers of colourful mediterranean mojitos: raspberries and peach purée, lemon shrub, mint, rum and cedrata topped with limoncello foam.

Pitcher cocktail at Livin Italy, Leeds Read More →

Kitchen additions

Last weekend was a tiring one, full of working on the house and punctuated by a couple of hours in Ikea spent planning out our new kitchen.

It was my first virtual planning experience and I highly recommend it. We ended up changing the layout slightly enabling us to fit in our dream sink (I know, losers). But the finished plan looked great and as we used the mouse to spin around from view to view we wished we could just lift it from the computer screen and drop it into our semi.

We are tired, but definitely in the final stretch. We have the plasterer coming in early September, then it will just mean a bit of painting before cupboards go in and tiles go on. I’m getting a bit fed up of messiness and disruption now, though I daren’t complain, he’s working so hard. Seeing the room brought to life on screen made me yet more impatient to have it up and running and in front of my eyes for real.

There’s been something of a debate in our house over the last few weeks (reflected to some extent in this post) over whether to go with (husband’s preference) a very safe option – white or cream cupboards – or (my choice) something a little more 2014.

Needless to say, I won [*air punch*] so although our kitchen won’t be particularly wild or daring (that’s called compromise, readers, you have to do it in marriage so you can get your way over other things) it will be grey – yay!

It’s this one in case you’re curious, but we’re going to give it a slightly industrial edge with white subway tiles, wooden worktops and some non-Ikea cupboard and drawer handles. Great post here about customising affordable kitchen cabinets so they look designer.

I’ve also bought these few extra accessories which I’m looking forward to seeing in place.

New kitchen accessories: Anthropologie letter mugs, Asda black and white scallop mugs, Ikea turquoise patterned plate, Matalan glass printed jar, H and M wooden chopping board and box Read More →

DIY gold spike & bead necklace

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared a DIY jewellery project with you. Larger scale DIY – on the house – has been taking priority! But I have a stash of projects on the go or that I’m keen to try soon and this necklace was one I made in early summer.

It was inspired by this image I saw on Pinterest from a woodland wedding inspiration shoot.

DIY gold spike and turquoise bead long chain necklace

I was pretty pleased with how my version turned out!

DIY gold spike and turquoise bead long chain necklace Read More →

Friends at Everyman Cinema

When I was in my first year at uni, the girls in my self-catered hall and I would spend more hours than I care to remember huddled into one of our rooms watching episodes of Friends.

One of the girls had the full box set on VHS and another had one of those TVs with a built-in video player. (I am quite aware of how old all of this is making me sound).

I’ll be honest, there were times in the early days I wanted us to go out more, but after a while our Friends nights became a real bonding experience, and every time I watch an episode now that’s the gang it takes me back to. Several of them are still part of my life now.

With such fond memories, I jumped at the chance to attend a Friends movie night at the Everyman Cinema in Leeds. It’s 10 years since the series finale – can you believe that? – and we were taken right back to the beginning, shown the very first four episodes.

It was my first visit to the Everyman and I was really looking forward to it, having heard great reports of a very different cinema experience. (“There are sofas! And a bar!”)

We were directed to screen 5½ (very Harry Potter platform 9¾), a plush room with its own bar and balcony overlooking Trinity. After a couple of drinks, the screening began and an irrepressible grin spread across my face as the opening bars of The Rembrandts’ ‘I’ll be there for you’ played out.

Friends movie night at Everyman Cinema Leeds Read More →

Bathroom additions

While husband is busy banging, building and bricking up downstairs there’s not a great deal for me to do, except keep it all tidy-ish and dream about the kitchen I’d like to have in the end. (No, we’ve still not completely decided).

What do idle hands do? They shop.

Hence I’ve bought quite a lot of little extras for the kitchen that are several weeks away from being of any use, and are just taking up space in the small area that we can still live in. They’re pretty though. I’ll share them soon.

For now here are one or two bits I’ve added to one of the finished rooms, the bathroom.

House renovation tour: bathroom accessories additions Read More →

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