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Bathroom additions

House renovation tour: bathroom accessories additions

While husband is busy banging, building and bricking up downstairs there's not a great deal for me to do, except keep it all tidy-ish and dream about the kitchen I'd like to have in the end. (No, we've still not completely decided). What do idle hands do? They shop. Hence I've bought quite a lot of little extras ...

DIY geometric bowl

DIY Sharpie project: monochrome geometric bowl | www.angelinthenorth.com

This old black and white bowl had been hanging around in our various bathrooms for a number of years. It was about to go in the bin, but its life was saved because it happened to be the perfect size to fit on a particularly awkward shelf below the new bathroom cabinet. I've been shopping around ...

Bathroom reveal!

Bathroom makeover | www.angelinthenorth.com

It's been a while - we started it in November - but I'm finally ready to share our finished bathroom. The majority of the renovation work was completed before Christmas but since then we've been tying up loose ends and adding the all-important accessories. First, let me remind you how horrible it was before - resplendent in ...

Bathroom renovation: work in progress!

Bathroom makeover: work in progress! | www.angelinthenorth.com

As it turns out, in terms of styling, the new bathroom doesn't look anything like I planned it would in my musings before we moved in. There are a few of reasons why not. Firstly, regrettably, this is not a country cottage, Scandinavian chalet or the renovation project French barn I dream of putting a bathroom in one ...

Next on our ‘to do’ list: the blue bathroom

Before the makeover: a turquoise blue 1970s bathroom | www.angelinthenorth.com

Things have been a little quieter on the blog over the last couple of weeks because we've been tackling the next major jobs on our house 'to do' list. We're aiming to get all of the upstairs done by the end of the year, so that means renovating the third and final bedroom and the bathroom. You've ...

Bathroom styling: green and wood on white

traditional bath green sides with white walls

We've decided that the first room we'll tackle when we move into the new house will be the bathroom. We'll be replacing the dated 70s turquoise suite with ubiquitous modern white, and for the rest of the colour scheme I'm thinking of natural green, grey and wood tones. (Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ...

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