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Dress Me Beautiful fashion show, Leeds

Dress Me Beautiful fashion show at Leeds town hall 2013 | www.angelinthenorth.com

It was a Friday night and Leeds' grand town hall was full of hundreds of the city's most fashion-conscious people. The DMB (Dress Me Beautiful) fashion show has been going a eight years but this was my first time. The organisers are all about supporting local, up-and-coming and recently graduated designers. Even better, it raises money for ...

Things to do this week

Faces, Anatomy of Autonomy at Leeds Art Gallery | www.angelinthenorth.com

Man, the weather turned cold last week didn't it? I know, it's tempting to hibernate at this time of year, until your body is over the shock of the temperature drop, your eyes accustomed to the dark and your wardrobe starts knowing again what on earth you're supposed to wear. We're in a slight post-summer no man's ...

Cocktails in the City, Leeds Town Hall

cocktails in the city - leeds town hall

One of the best things about being an ex-journalist is having lots of great writers as friends. So when a cool-sounding event comes up that you can't get to, there's usually someone to step in to cover it for your blog. Thanks Jo! (Did you read her other, very funny contribution on internet dating?) ♥ ♥ ♥  Whilst the ...

The Tour de France is coming to Yorkshire

grand depart tour de france. leeds town hall

A couple of weeks ago the organisers of the Tour de France announced this huge sporting event will start right here in Yorkshire next year. This is a huge coup for the country, still basking in the post-Olympic glow, and for the region, due in no small part to Welcome to Yorkshire. Yorkshire beat off bids ...

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