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What I have been pinning lately

Hello Spring in wildflowers

This week's 'pinning lately' has an unintentional floral theme. Think I'm unconsciously craving something because we were surrounded by snow when we should have been launched, head-first, into the colour, warmth and newness that is the first few days of spring? (I'm sorry to talk about the weather but I can't help it, I'm British). Anyway, here's ...

What I have been pinning lately

DIY printable je t

I printed this and wrapped it around my husband's coffee cup for his Valentine's Day morning coffee. Aren't I sweet? I recently bought a plain grey sweatshirt with the aim of embellishing it, either around the neckline or arms like this. After being massively inspired by this post where Swoon Worthy blogger Kimberley created her own colourful abstract ...

What I have been pinning lately

Alexa Chung in red Valentino bow shoulder dress

So you seemed to like last weeks 'what I have been pinning' post, so it's back! Alexa Chung in red Valentino. Nuff said. Because I long to be as cool as this girl. How cute is this brass elephant necklace from Anthropologie?  Another amazing DIY project on a pair and a spare. This time a Celine trio bag is ...

What I have been pinning lately

bright shirt and colourful pom pom necklace

I love Pinterest - it's where I constantly find inspiration (sometimes coupled with a dose of envy) about what to wear, how I might decorate my house or the next DIY project I could try. Sometimes I pin stuff I blog later but not always, so I thought I might start a regular post featuring a few ...

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