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DIY word print wall art

DIY destination print wall art

I was proud as punch a couple of weeks ago when one of my favourite blogs, Florence Finds, featured one of my DIY projects. It was this destination print-style wall art that I made for my travel-loving brother and sister-in-law, when they finally moved into a house they owned and which they could settle in. For the ...

Yellow geometric print cushions

yellow geometric cushions

Sometimes styles come a little bit out of the blue - but then they completely bowl you over and suck you in. I would put geometrics in that category. Who'd have thought these angular shapes and patterns would have crept so fully into our lives, and fitted in there so well? We see them everywhere now. They're ...

Students making mark in fashion world

When I was a student I struggled to make my eight hours’ worth of lectures a week. Ashamedly I was too busy either recovering from a hangover or hanging out in the library ‘working’ (translation: gossiping with friends, eyeing up third year lads). So I have great admiration for three Manchester Met fashion students who already at ...

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