House tour: the nursery

Colourful animal Scandi unisex nursery | Angel In The North

When I first started thinking about how to decorate the nursery I thought I'd choose a monochrome or neutral scheme, but in fact we went for a colourful room - and I love it. It was about a year ago that I shared some ideas on how I was thinking of decorating the nursery at that ...

How to do classic Scandi home style

Animal nursery Scandi Vitra rocker chair

Scandinavian-style design has had a huge influence on our interiors over the last few years. My own home is no exception, as you'll know if you're following my house renovation. My Ferm Living triangle jute rug from Cloudberry Living has been moved into the nursery, and I've added another Scandi touch with a new grey moulded rocker. ...

New hanging ceramic pots

Red Candy Umbra Trigg ceramic geometric wall vessels

My living room is in a slight state of disarray, but these hanging pots have added some Scandi style to one wall. Now we're back to winter, husband has returned inside and is tackling some of the inside jobs that didn't get finished before he moved outside and started working on the garden. That means tools lying ... inside a Sheffield design store

Bloggers breakfast at Sheffield design store

One of the best things about writing this blog is that I get to discover brilliant businesses - right on the doorstep. Sheffield design store has to go down as one of the most interesting I have found in our region. A few days ago a small group of bloggers were invited to their HQ ...

Cloudberry Living: £100 giveaway

Cloudberry Living Ferm Living round triangle jute rug

Over the last couple of years I've found myself more and more drawn to Scandinavian home style. I know I'm not alone and it's not hard to see why. Scandi-homes are light, clean, modern and flexible. Walls tend to be white, and paired with wood, but this neutral backdrop means rooms can get away with colourful ...