2014 03 12 Diy Monochrome Geometric Bowl

There is the simple joy of mixing juxtapositions of interior design but also, there’s power and awesomeness with monochromatic décor as well as having striking minimalist design. This is true when you want your small space to look bigger. As a matter of fact, this design is a lot simpler to pull off.

Start from Scratch

One of the key factors for creating strong foundation for any room even if you are shooting for a monochromatic décor is starting from the scratch. By making use of carpeting and flooring as the initial base, it will be easy to set the overall tone of the room.

This at the same time can be done while you are experimenting with textures and checking out different hues.

If there’s something where you can start over with, it is recommended to use furnishings that you like to keep as the touchstone for achieving one-color scheme you have selected.

Establishing a Mood

Once you are done choosing flooring hues as the first step to infuse your house with a monochromatic decoration, the next thing that you have to do is building on that selected hue by means of surveying what you found to be an essential element.

Basically, this is the perfect time to think thoroughly of interior design concepts and apply styles and feel of a given era.