2013 05 01 Wedding styling Inspiration Aisle Decor

As elaborate as they can be, well-organized arrangement can bring serious style and add life to the ceremony.

Flower markers would not just help in defining the space but also, can add fresh atmosphere to the room.

With regards to the decoration of the wedding aisle, it may be as basic as creating hanging arrangement for chairs with herbs too to achieve that subtle fragrance.

Wedding Aisle Décor

With the availability of the internet and service providers specific for this task, it will be easy to get good ideas on how you can make things work. But to make it simpler for you, we have compiled some ideas on where you can start.

Pedestal Flower Arrangements

Here, flower arrangements can be positioned in pedestal or decorated pots. This will make them stand out and at the same time, make a statement among guests as they see the aisle.

Rose and Rosemary Mason Jars

This wedding aisle concept is charming indeed and incorporates mason jars to achieve that rustic touch.

Paper Flower Chair Markers

Here, you don’t necessarily have to pour in too much money for buying flowers. Just grab a pair of scissors as well as paper in constructing the floral designs.

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