2012 05 15 Diy Tutorial Decorative Vintage Plates

In an effort to spot whether antique dishes or plates are authentic or not, you might need to perform some sort of scavenger hunt that starts with the actual piece. The markings on underside of the antique piece can be used as a hint in identifying who made the piece and several things in between.

There are also dishes that have stamp which tells the manufacturer name and a date on when it was made. These marks would give an idea on the time when it was made.

What to Look for?

Other marks with historical reference are usually found in company mark. American pottery prior the 19th century was also made to become practical. It’s a simple design, heavier and bigger compared to European imported pots at the given time.

Also, there are vintage 50s’ dishes that might be kitschy but, it tells rich story just by looking at its historical marking.

Watch out for the Piece’s Markings

In this regard, make sure to turn the piece upside down. This will reveal the company name’s marking. Some of the notable names you have to watch out for include:

  • Gorham
  • Franciscan
  • Knowles
  • Haviland
  • Taylor & Knowles and;
  • Lenox

Most of the older antique pieces that have marks are also imports with names such as Wedgewood, Doulton, Worcester, Derby and Minton.