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There are just some people who are gifted with design skills. If you find it fun and easy to decorate rooms and arrange furniture, then you might have a bright career ahead as an interior designer. On the other hand, just before you get started in doing those makeovers, you might want to consider how you’d become one.

The Challenges

Much like in any other profession, there are various challenges that an interior designer faces. Some might not be appealing, others can definitely excite and motivate you.

The world of interior designing is more than just transforming the interior spaces. If have a knack for interiors, then that’s good. You are actually off to a wonderful start. But, you might be suited better in marketing yourself as a decorator.

By contrast, interior designers have great education in fields similar to computer-aided designs, fine arts or architecture.

Expand Your Network and Seek Mentorship

In this industry, it is critical to network with other interior designers. This will really help in boosting your career. It will be recommended to search for like-minded individuals, stay updated with current design trends and follow work of someone you admire in the field. This will give you ideas and inspirations as well.