2014 04 14 Things to do Ilkley Yorkshire

Are you in Yorkshire and thinking of activities that can be done there? Well if you do, you are in the right place. Let us talk about some activities that will kill all the boredom when in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Dales National Park

This is a wonderful National Park. You can immerse yourself in among the greenest and most beautiful parts of United Kingdom.

Yorkshire Dales National Park has really remarkable sceneries from:

  • Limestone outcrops
  • Hidden cave networks
  • Areas of wild moorland
  • Rolling green countryside and;
  • Waterfalls

The Brudenell Social Club

This was once a working men’s club that was turned into a music venue and kept its nostalgic charm. So why you should visit the place? If you want to eat some awesome pies and meet new bands, then this is the place to go. While it may take you a bit of trek from the Leeds city centre, there’s a good reason why it is among the most treasured and hidden gems of the place.

Once you get in the live room, you’ll be greeted with a programmed bill of bands from big hitters to new favorites, ensuring that everyone is going to have a good time in the place.