2015 03 23 Top 10 diy Blogs

While you might not have a summer home yet, but this doesn’t indicate that you cannot dream of decorating one in the future. Lakeside, countryside or beachside, all of these escapades can serve major travel as well as envy your neighbors. But mind you, the design process will not be easy. So you better prepare yourself mentally and physically and of course, financially.

Design Ideas to Try

Even though, there are several design concepts that you might want to give a shot.

Modern Beachhouse

No one likes to cook on a vacation but, we certainly will if there is an open kitchen available.

Hawaiian Getaway

Oars that can double as wall art can bring an outdoor vibe in the interior of the house.

At the same time, this can deliver that eye-catching contrast to white walls in any modern homes.

Canadian Lake House

You can have high windows installed in the house which can give it an outdoor-ish vibe all the time. This is regardless if you have good weather or not.

Florida Bungalow

Now, try imagining sipping sweet cup of tea on a beautifully screened porch right before your siesta. You’re living the dream! Many would probably ask you about it.