2012 03 08 Embroidery hoop Art Diy Tutorial

On the subject of hand needlework, there are actually plenty of concerns that arise such as the type of hoop that should be used. Embroidery hoop actually come in wide range of sizes and also available in plastic, metal or wood.

In addition to that, there are hoops that are oval, square or round while some have scrolls or large rectangles. Hoops are also an essential tool when it comes to doing hand embroidery. With this being said, selecting the appropriate hoop for the work you plan to do is vital both for the quality of the finished product and personal comfort while embroidering.

What to Consider when Getting Embroider Hoop

Of course, there are few things that should be taken into mind before buying a hoop like the size.

Now, these hoops are available in two pieces and that’s the framing piece or outer edge and the piece that fits inside it. Round hoops are basically the most common hoop shape that range from 3” to 14” in diameter.

Wood Hoops?

Another thing to be considered would be the material where your hoop would be made which is plastic or wood. Hoops made from the latter have this smooth inner hoop which is fairly normal for embroiders in wrapping the inner layer of wooden hoop.