2013 01 29 Diy Tutorial Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirror has this celestial and radiant style which made it an iconic mirror that graces any wall of the house. Conventionally speaking, sunburst mirrors were made to honor King Louis XIV of France. In history, he is referred as the intense self-style Sun King. He has chosen the “sun” as the iconic emblem because of his great interest of sun as well as its powerful rays.

The emblem was actually a head of Apollo that’s surrounded by the rays of light. Perhaps, it’s King Louis XIV himself who have popularized sunburst emblem as a fashion icon.

History of Sunburt Mirror

Interestingly enough and possibly, additional proof that King Louis XIV has great contribution to the proliferation of sunburst mirror is that, during the 17th century, coupled with his love for mirrors, he has established the very first mirror and glass factory in Northern Europe at the St. Gobain, France. Aside from that, he also stopped the monopoly in Venetian Republic and has raised the bar by creating clearer and larger mirrors.

Unclear until Today

Lastly, gilded Chateau de Versailles and infamous Hall of Mirrors is where sunburst mirror rose into fashion. At the end of the day, there is no clear evidence of where sunburst mirrors originally came.