2013 03 19 Diy Jewel Pendant Necklace

The size of the pendant is among the vital decisions that you must make when buying one to complement your necklace. This at the same time would depend on a number of things such as the following:

  • Outfit that’ll be worn
  • Color
  • Person’s appearance who’ll wear it
  • Function where it’ll be worn

Each of the said factors will play a role in the selection of your jewelry and therefore, selection has to be done carefully.

Large Pendants

Buying large pendants can easily draw anyone’s attention from the appearance, most especially when you plan to get one that has shiny and bright color. If worn with single color, then a big piece of jewelry can turn out to be the focal point of outfit.

Bigger pendants must be worn with minimal jewelry and simple necklines too. The chains as well must be chosen carefully.

Small Pendants

If you prefer smaller pendants, it can be used if you want to make a statement or just to tie the look together. Whether you are adding sparkle using gemstone or show your personality, these small pendants can get the job done.

Additionally, you can wear it with light and delicate chains, ensuring that most of the attention goest to the pendant, rather than on what it hangs from.