2013 12 05 Diy Varsity letter sweatshirt

Buying sweatshirt is almost comparable to buying a t-shirt, there are unlimited options available. However, before you decide on a specific style, you have to check for design touches that have been in existence for a long time.

Rocking Your Sweatshirt

Say for example that you have made a decision on the design, the next thing to be considered would be the way to wear it correctly.

Dress it up

Similar to white sneakers, getting a clean-cut sweatshirt, ideally of neutral colors without logos is one piece of sportswear that looks great with smart-casual looks. It is best worn in Ivy collegiate look and layered.

Wearing slim-fitting grey style coupled with selvedge denim or chinos as well as either casual or smart sneakers like loafer or Derby can really do it.

Dress it down

Jersey sweatshirts also work perfectly as a loungewear but, this can be fine as well with sportswear. Recently, streetwear dominated the scene with logos printed across almost every hoodies; sweatshirt is just a simple way to get on board with this trend.

You might want to try big logos and block colors that are styled with joggers or jeans. As for those who are brave and like to try different style, going will full branded tracksuit as well as pair of sliders will do.