2014 02 17 Unique interior tyle 47 Park Avenue

Getting the right tile size goes beyond the space that should be filled in. There might be standard sizes available for specific applications as well as tile sizes that are used frequently. However, there are wide selections that can be used for different spaces in your house. Different sizes will have a big impact on the appearance of your space and may either improve the feel and look of the area or do the opposite.

Deciding on the Tile based on Space

One of the basic approaches that can be done in choosing tile size is by picking them based on the size of space where it will be installed.

Large area such as dining room and open floor kitchen or large living room can handle big tile sizes. Then again, medium spaces such as bathroom work best with medium-sized tiles.


There are different tile sizes that create different aesthetic and it will influence how a room feels and looks. Using one or two tile sizes as well as shapes would create streamlined and sleeker look. Then with three or more would add complexity to the space and create a smaller space.

These are few things that should be taken into account to ensure that you’ll pick the right tile design and size for your house.

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