Taking a Closer Look at the Most Popular Gate Designs

The team of licensed gate contractors and installers at 4suregates.com has been in the business for 15 years; they’ve seen how electric gate designs and functionalities have evolved through the years. Many homes and buildings in Fort Worth,Texas show examples of the different artistic styles of automatic gates, ranging from the classic ornate gates to the modern welded metal mesh gates.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular designs to find out the kind of architecture they blend in and the specific purpose of a design concept.

Classic Ornamental Automatic Swing Gates

classic ornate gatesThe classic ornate designs are still popular since they are the perfect complements for the traditional Victorian era architecture such as the French-style houses, Tudor-inspired homes and Mediterranean-themed houses. They feature various flourishes of spirals and curves that create intricate and elaborate designs, including the finials or spade-shaped tips adorning the upper rails of the electric gate.
Typical ornate classic gates have upper rails that form gradually sweeping arched tops that peak at the center. While steel and aluminum are the modern choices of materials in use, the ornate classic gates are ideally made from wrought iron alloy. Wrought iron is considered as the best type of metal to use for ornate classic gate style because it has fibrous slags that give the metal a wood-like grain, which becomes visible when rusted, bent or etched. The impressive outcome is a beautiful classic ornate gate with a hand-crafted appeal.
However, although wrought iron is malleable and corrosion-resistant and can be easily forge-welded in joining metals together, installers find them hard to weld for electrical purposes. Its low carbon content tends to make metal stay longer in a liquid state. Still, wrought iron is the most popular materials used for ornate classic style electric gates.

Steel Palisade Gates

– Palisade the design choice for gates intended to look intimidating enough to prevent break-in attempts. They are made of strong steel poles that have been reinforced, usually capped with pointed tops to make climbing and entering difficult for aggressors.

Classic Ornate Balustrade Gates

bsludtrade gate Classic balustrade gates with ornate designs are recommended as a more aesthetically appealing alternative to steel palisade gates. This gate design is usually preferred by companies for industrial sites situated in prestigious locations. Visitors arriving in the secured building usually come to the site to watch and observe the employees and overall operation of the industrial facility.

Modern Welded Mesh Gate Design

Modern welded mesh gate designs come in varying styles and sizes and are well-liked because of their versatility and adaptability as an electric gate design.
The main gates and adjacent fences offer a modern and clean look that complements a broad range of architectural styles. Aside from the pleasing visual appearance, welded mesh gates and fences, whether manually or electrically operated, provide a steadfast protection barrier. Welded mesh gates enhance the security of any type of property, be it residential, industrial or commercial.