I am an international superstar!

Of course, not really. But I’ve had a fair bit of attention from across the pond recently and although it’s not in my nature I thought I’d tell you about it.

Early in the new year a freelance journalist got in touch to say she was writing a piece for the Associated Press (AP) news agency about upcycling vintage china.

She said she’d come across my project and wanted to interview me about it.

letter print upcycled vintage plates

I’m an ex-journalist myself and I know the AP ain’t no tin pot organisation. So I told her it’d be an honour and set about answering her questions in the most interesting way I could.

Soon her story was published – here first – and this little blog started getting lots of lovely visitors from the States.

upcycled vintage china screen grab

People came to see me from Tennessee, Maine, Cincinnati, California, Oregon, South Dakota, Florida and more … hell I was even in the Mining Journal!

Lovely Arlene emailed me to tell me I’d made page 3 (not that kind) of her local paper in Michigan!

As a former newspaper reporter these rags are close to my heart. It’s crazy to think of someone in a town that I’ve never heard of, thousands of miles away, reading about me, alongside a report of their kid’s school fête.

Newspaper titles make me smile – they often have weird and wonderful names that have been around for decades and no one really knows why they’re called what they are, but they’ve always been there at the heart of their communities so no one questions it either. The Mansfield Chad, for example, has always intrigued me. If anyone knows what a Chad is please let me know.

Anyway then, I sold this lovely set of letter print vintage plates through Etsy to a New Yorker! Yes, something made by my hands in my living room adorning a wall in the Big Apple.

letter print vintage plates

It really is so lovely to think that people out there, somewhere, admire, appreciate and are interested in things you do.

Things you just decided one day to have a go at making, not knowing whether it would be a success or a disaster, whether it’d be confined to the crafting crap-pile or whether it’d take pride of place in your home and on your blog.

I’ve only recently opened an Etsy shop and it’s empty now because I’ve sold the grand total of two things I listed there. But I think Etsy is a great site, marketplace and community so I’ll have to pull my finger out and get some more things listed.

Does anyone else out there sell on Etsy? Leave me your links so I can take a look at what you do.

Is there something you’re particularly proud of that you’ve achieved recently?

Love, Anna

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